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Great expectations for the listing of the MM72 crypto scheduled for May 14th, reported by media around the world.

Great expectations for the listing of the MM72 crypto scheduled for May 14th, reported by media around the world.
Will the MM72 token rookie be able to go against the trend of the crypto collapse of recent times? The listing is scheduled for May 14th at 14:00 UTC on Tokpie exchange.

New York City, New York ( – The listing of MM72, the token that aims to solve the problem of non-performing cryptocurrencies, has been reported by media around the world. Voted by thousands of users on the and portals MM72 is a BEP-20 token, mined or on the Binance Smart Chain platform, the first asset of a project aimed at declining the multi-billion dollar securitization market of NPLs in a web3 key (Not Performing Loans), which in a crypto key become NPT (Not Performing Tokens).
A very sensitive and topical issue in these moments, given the very recent collapse of TERRA (LUNA) and other stable coins (considered stable at least as much as current currencies).

The fulcrum of the project will consist of a special “swap”, or a converter that will allow you to transform your worthless cryptocurrencies into MM72, while guaranteeing a valuation from 10 to 100 times higher than that indicated by any other exchange. This “magic” will be guaranteed by a proprietary algorithm that will make it possible to apply “Air Drop” and “Rewards” mechanisms to the swap, typical of the marketing logic and economics of the entire project.

With a pre-listing Market Cap of approximately 500 Million dollars out of 100 Billion tokens issued, the listing of MM72 is scheduled for 14:00 UTC on May 14 on the Tokpie exchange which has a daily transaction volume of over 340 Millions of dollars.

The initial listing price of MM72 will be 0.005 Dollars even if forecasts say that this price will remain for a very short time given the global attention that this project has attracted. Especially in this market period, where a token that promises to resolve or at least mitigate losses from wrong crypto outcomes, certainly cannot go unnoticed.

“All wisely seasoned with marketing logic that would make MM72 a really attractive token for crypto investors. ” reports the Global Finance Observer,”promises absolutely significant performances.” The World Cryptocurrency News,” Suffice it to say that already today a higher value can be found and in the pre-listing test phase the token has even reached the value of almost $ 10 each. ” The Global Cryptocurrency Times.

The time is coming. It is now just 14 May and check if, in contrast to the entire crypto market, MM72 will hold up and take off.

For more information, please visit the website.

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