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Go Digitally for the world

Your gateway into the tokenization ecosystem

Your gateway into the tokenization ecosystem

An end-to-end solution for tokenized securities.

Industry experts expect that much of the financial infrastructure will move to blockchain over the next 10 years. Banks and stock exchanges are already working on projects to make transfer and settlement of securities faster, more transparent and less error-prone.

Through GoDigitally, company shares can be digitized and issued as tokens on the blockchain. A digital share certificate will be stored within each token. Each token will represent one share in the company. GoDigitally will ensure that only whitelisted, verified and approved investors can buy tokens.


What Tokenization Means

Definition: Tokenization is the process of issuing a blockchain token (security token) that digitally and legally represents a real asset.
Just a few Benefits of Tokenization
Efficiency – time & cost (x10 reduction):
– Digitization and automation of processes
– Automated compliance and governance
– Removal of human errors
New capabilities:
– Increased liquidity (from 0 to 1)
– Fractional ownership / democratization

Other values:
– Global standards and interoperability
– Logging of transactions
– Factor x10 increased design space

Tokenization in numbers

The industry of digital securities is constantly being transformed by technological advances. Get an edge by adopting them now.


Reduce minimum investment size

10 times cheaper

Reduce the cost of going public

7 times faster

Reduce time to get your shares traded

$500+ Million

Security Tokens Market Capitalization

$3+ Billion

Tokenization deals announced globally


Security tokens outperformed the top US Indices in 2020

The Global Tokenization Market

World Economic Forum: 10% of global GDP on blockchain by 2027
Finyear: tokenization market CAGR at 59% from 2019-2030
Frankfurt School BC: Europe tokenization market $1.5 trillion in 2024
JLL: 80% of all investments into real estate in just 60 cities around the globe, meaning that 1000s of areas are underserved.
MIT: 93% of real estate is beyond the reach of retail investors.
Better Homes and Gardens: 89% of US investors interested in real estate but only 3% has invested.

Why companies need tokenization?

Digital transformation is changing the world around us. We offer modern solutions for business and individuals.

Reach more investors

Tokenization allows you to raise capital from thousands of investors around the world.

Reduce dependencies from banks

Unlike with banks and VCs, you don’t lose control over your business.

Turn customers into investors

Loyal customers can become investors and actively participate in your business growth.

Grow your community

A business community network is a valuable asset in today's world of innovations.

Access secondary market

Benefit from access secondary market without going to IPO.

Simplify investor management

Manage documents, pay dividends, and conduct voting through a streamlined convenient platform.

Benefits for All

Asset Owner



The Tokenization Process

Tokenize Your Company Today

GoDigitally  provides a solution that is used throughout the issuance process but also later, for the ongoing corporate management of the tokenized shares, as well as the subsequent trading.

Once the issuance is completed, the platform maintains the share cap table and enables the issuer to whitelist new investors who are interested in buying shares. GoDigitally helps with the initial design of the security token such that it fulfills regulatory requirements.

GoDigitally uses the most popular security token protocols and helps ensure that the token may later be traded on forthcoming security token exchanges. GoDigitally is your trusted partner to ensure that your digital shares will be compliant and liquid.